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The Trainers

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Brandi  she/her

Brandi is an ACE certified personal trainer and the owner of Body Arc and InFlight Fitness. She is dedicated to empowering folks to gain and maintain physical agency. Brandi does this by helping people move and challenge their bodies in ways that honor their needs and overall wellbeing. She provides an inclusive and diverse fitness experience that guides people in practicing self-care and appreciation for their bodies. 

She offers one on one, partner and small group training. In Brandi's sessions, she teaches strengthening techniques, functional movement, increased flexibility and conditioning exercises. Additionally, she has her First Degree Decided black belt in Taekwondo. She enjoys incorporating martial art inspired movements into her sessions.



Instagram: @inflightrva

Britt  they/them 

Britt is a non-binary, strength athlete & IPL Worlds qualifying powerlifter and the owner of  Resistance + Co. They are passionate about building strong mind-body connections through traditional and holistic strength practices. Britt believes that strength training belongs to everyone, and their mission is to hold space for any and every body to find strength within themselves. 


Britt's training style varies client to client and is based on each individual's needs. Come as you are, exist in whatever ways feel natural for you. Britt will empower you by increasing your strength inside & out in a creative, low-pressure and high-passion environment.

Follow & Contact Britt Via Instagram



Laura Mae  she/her

Meet Laura Mae! She is a Strength and PN1 Nutrition Coach and has competed in powerlifting on the national and world level and now competes in strongman.


I teach clients strength training through barbell movements. I have clients who are interested in general strength as well as competing in powerlifting. I also teach the fundamentals of nutrition focusing on building long term healthy habits. Additionally, I coach more advanced nutrition clients geared towards higher level athletic performance/physique.

My other passions include art, pole dancing, dog sitting and world travel. 




Instagram: @pixitrainer

Mary  she/her 

Mary is a USPA certified powerlifting coach, active competitor and powerlifting referee. Through her experiences as a transgender woman and athlete, she brings an inclusive and non judgmental style of coaching, with a focus on strength, commitment, and hard work.


She uses basic barbell strength exercises with targeted assistance work to help her clients achieve their physical and mental goals. If you are interested in competing she can build a custom training plan to help address weaknesses and correct technical form errors on the platform. Her door is always open, please feel free to contact her directly if you are interested in learning more about how she can help you on your strength journey.

Phone: 540-894-0705


Nate  he/him

Nate is an ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist and a practitioner of Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian art form that teaches mindfulness through dance, free movement, and fight. Nate’s life mission is to be a force of positivity throughout the world, delivering motivation through movement and exercise. Nate looks forward to becoming an advocate for his community, creating a loving, inclusive space for everyone to enjoy and prosper. 

Nate has developed a diverse background from working with special population patients at  VCU Physical Therapy to adolescent and couples training at American Family Fitness. His skills lie in rehabilitative exercise, functional movement, adaptive training, couples training and strength training. Nate’s philosophy is to never rush the outcome, but rather, enjoy the journey.  With his non-stop flow of positivity, Nate loves empowering and supporting his clients as they form their success story.     


Instagram: @nate_theunderdog

Pilar  she/they 

Pilar is an ACSM certified exercise physiologist and a Precision Nutrition Level 1 certified nutrition coach. She is passionate about empowering clients to embrace the gray areas of well-being by creating joyful movement practices. Pilar provides a compassionate and hype environment that allows her clients to appreciate their unique abilities.


When creating a custom program for clients, Pilar takes a person's whole selves into account, as they realize that all of the various areas of life can affect fitness and health. Her sessions generally include functional strength and conditioning, mobility, and balance, depending on their client's needs. Pilar offers 1:1, partner, small group training sessions, as well as mindful nutrition coaching.


Text: 804-352-3391
Instagram: @pilomosol

Pilar Monroe - headshot 2.png

Josh  he/him 

Josh is an ACE Certified personal trainer and owner of HybridFit. He has 10 years of self-training experience in bodybuilding and strength training in addition to 3 years experience working professionally with clients of all ages and fitness levels.

Josh loves to improve people's lives by helping them discover their mind/body potential via strength training. If you're looking for a calm and comfortable experience, Josh is your trainer! He supports his clients by creating individualized goals and helping them to adhere to those goals, while building strength and confidence each week. Josh's philosophy is that working out should not consume your life, but rather should be the backdrop of your life by supporting good health, self love, and confidence.



Victoria  she/her

Victoria is a VCU graduate with her degree in Exercise Science. She is a registered Olympic weightlifter as well as Olympic weightlifting coach. Victoria specializes in strength, conditioning and sports performance. Her focus as a trainer goes beyond physical appearance by honing in on all the things your body can DO!


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