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Let's Redefine Health & Wellness

RVA's First Queer Owned Gym 

What is Body Arc?

We strive to provide a supportive, positive, and inclusive space for physical and mental wellness

Body Arc is a space for those who believe in building strength, health, and wellness independent of traditional definitions of beauty and health. This is a space for everybody and every body, especially those who do not feel supported by traditional fitness spaces.

We strive to embody our values of inclusivity, community, and empowerment in the space we have created.

Beyond fitness, Body Arc also utilizes art to create a unique and comforting space. We display a diverse range of artists in the space to help bring comfort and creativity to the community. Through the blending of art and embodied movement, we seek to create a haven of wellness that is welcoming to all.

Body Arc brings an understanding that inclusivity is more than simply not participating in exclusion. To us, inclusivity is consciously defining a vision of strength, health, and wellness that considers ALL people. This includes those with disabilities, queer people, or anyone whose body doesn’t conform to corporately defined standards or expectations. 

We provide information that clients can trust has been vetted and is applied in their best interests, while providing a welcoming space that supports every client’s unique experience and self-efficacy.

Personal Training and Group Classes

Body Arc offers personal training with a team of qualified trainers and instructors who value inclusivity, autonomy, personal development, and body positivity. Our trainers seek to create space for clients to show up as their fullest selves by providing thoughtful communication and a welcoming environment that is aligned with Body Arc’s values.
Each of our trainers has a unique training style and we do our best to match prospective clients with the trainer who best fit your needs.

Trainers have complete control over their training, schedule, and rates. 
If you are interested in training in our space, contact us today!


What We Do

Access to inclusive physical therapy

Body Arc is home to Formation Physical Therapy + Performance, a physical therapy company owned by Dr. Allison Beale. Allison offers treatment for orthopedic & sports injuries as well as fitness recovery sessions.
She is committed to providing care that is inclusive to LGBTQ+ folks.

The collision of art and fitness

At Body Arc, we believe that movement is an art and we believe in the ability of art to inspire curiosity and confidence. We believe in supporting local artists within the community and in the transformative power of their art.


We have filled our space with murals by 7 local, diverse artists who have lent their talents to create a truly unique and soothing environment. As our space evolves, we will continue exploring how art can be incorporated into fitness.


Contact Us

Want to work with a personal trainer?
If you are interested in becoming a client, you can contact the trainer or your choice directly, or fill out the client interest form.
Interested in Training at Body Arc?
If you are interested in becoming a trainer in our space, either send us an email or fill out the trainer interest form.

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Richmond, VA 23224

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