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Struggling with an injury?

She’s not your typical physical therapist. She is a movement and mobility specialist. She has a knack for taking the time to get to know clients and individualizing treatments based upon specific needs. At Formation, she offers treatment for orthopedic & sports injuries or aches & pains via Movement + Performance Physical Therapy, Continuity Programs, & Fitness Recovery Sessions.
Dr. Allison earned her Doctor in Physical Therapy from the University of Washington before moving to Richmond. She worked as a school psychologist for almost a decade before jumping into physical therapy. Orthopedic and sports injuries are her favorite to work with, as she has a background in dance, softball, CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, track & field, flag football, & ultimate frisbee.
When she’s not at the gym you’ll likely find her walking around Richmond with her wife, spending time with her nieces and nephews, or reading.

Meet Dr. Allison Beale, PT, DPT, SFMA L1


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